Sunday, June 22, 2008

If Ever I See by Lydia Maria Child

If ever I see,
On bush or tree,
Young birds in their pretty nest,
I must not in play,
Steal the birds away,
To grieve their mother's breast.

My mother, I know,
Would sorrow so,
Should I be stolen away;
So I'll speak to the birds
In my softest words,
Nor hurt them in my play.

And when they can fly
In the bright blue sky,
They'll warble a song to me;
And then if I'm sad
It will make me glad
To think they are happy and free.


  1. can you pls help me this poem is all about what? I'm only 6 yrs. old i want to know what this means.tnx.

  2. Replies
    1. sweet words please to a 6 yr old girl

  3. what a nice and meaningful poem

  4. beautiful.. and I loved the recitation too! Thanks :)