Friday, April 18, 2008

Moonlight by Robert Kelley Weeks

"NAY, wait me here — I'll not be long;
Tis but a little way;
I'll come ere you have sung the song
I made you yesterday."

Tis but to cross yon streak of light,—
And fresh the breezes blow ;
You will not lose me from your sight,—
One kiss, and now I go !"

So, in the pleasant night of June,
He lightly sails away,
To where the glimmer of the moon
Lies right across the bay.

And she sits singing on the shore
A song of pure delight;
The boat flies on—a little more,
And he will cross the light.

The boat flies on, the song is done,
The light before him gleams;
A little more, and he has won!
Tis farther than it seems.

The boat flies on, the boat flies fast;
The wind blows strong and free;
The boat flies on, the bay is past,
He sails into the sea.

And on, and on, and ever on,
The light lies just before;
But oh, forevermore is done
The song upon the shore!

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